Mikkel Ladegaard

They say content is king, but distribution is queen. Dana certainly is the queen of training delivery both in-person and online. When a +$10 million Agile services bid came down to two consultancies having to demonstrate a two day training the obvious choice fell on Dana for delivery. She not only nailed it, but she [...]

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Joel Catchatoor

I worked with Dana towards the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile. Dana's delivery of the course was brilliant. I really enjoyed all the sessions and I've learned a lot too. At the start we joked that I was in the suburbs of agile town. Now I've got a city centre flat!

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Jacob Grantham

I cannot recommend Dana highly enough. We started with two full days of training followed by eight two hour sessions on a weekly basis. Dana's enthusiasm and obvious expertise in the topic meant that the initial two days flew by. We managed to fit in a large amount of content, and the follow up sessions [...]

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Mark Commons

I have sat in on several Zoom how to's and this was by far the best! A thoroughly enjoyable three hours with plenty of detail on the how to. But the best part was seeing Dana actually facilitate in such a great way since the course was on how to facilitate online.

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Natalie Dunn

Has to be the best earning experience I've had to date. Dana was professional, personable and had great energy throughout the session. Materials to support her teaching were really useful too. I found the course full of practical advice and the right duration for the material to be delivered. Dana was a brilliant facilitator, energetic [...]

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