Social media and online presence is so powerful. Earlier this year Christine from The Hub Events reached out to me on Twitter, having seen my posts and profile and getting a sense of my facilitation style and the sense of fun I bring to the classroom.

Long story short, we’ve started a collaboration. I’ll be working with the team in the New Year on a course that centred on helping Managers solve the personality puzzle and Manage Personalities. It’s all about helping those who lead teams learn how to work with the personalities they manage and engage with each individual’s natural strengths and preferences to make managing easier and more effective.

The truth is, managing a mix of personalities is never easy. There’s not a single management style that works on every type of employee. An approach that motivates one may have the opposite effect on another. Personality affects working style and working relationships. So understanding different personalities can help Managers understand how each team member approaches work and interacts with others.

Once Managers solve the personality puzzle, they can start working with people’s natural preferences and bring out the very best in them. A few changes and tweaks to a Manager’s approach and style could make all the difference in unlocking better performance from a team.

As always, I’ll be bringing my usual high levels energy and engagement to the course. There will be lots of practical hands-on exercises to reinforce key learning points and make sure that the lessons make it from the classroom back to the workplace and bring forth change.

I’m really looking forward to it – and I’ve got to be honest … I love my bio on their site!