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Hate reading long bios? Just read this …

One of my favourite places to be is in the classroom. I bring fun, colour & enjoyment to a mix of technical and professional skills courses because my career in Consultancy encompassed both and I absolutely refuse to choose just one!

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Many, many years ago (after the dinosaurs but before Facebook was launched) I started my career in Consultancy.

As a Big4 graduate joiner I completed the ACA as expected. But my work firstly in systems controls and then later in transformational technology change gave me the opportunity to earn technical skills and qualifications in Project Management, Agile, Lean and Software Testing to name a few.

But then …

One day there was a call for internal facilitators for technical courses. And I answered the call. The second I held my first box of scented markers, and stood in front of a blank flipchart I fell in love.

And guess what?

And I was good at it. I relished being able to take complex subjects and make them easy to understand and at the same time bringing enjoyment to the room, breaking the stigma that technical courses were boring.

That was it!

There was no going back. I transferred to the Learning and Development Team & started honing my craft, developing courses in addition to delivering them.

As my career in Learning & Development evolved I also started facilitating professional skills courses focusing on all the competencies you need to master in order to be successful in the world of Consultancy. You know the ones I mean – Communication, Impact, Presentation Skills, Storytelling, Managing Upwards, Understanding Personalities, Delivering Feedback & Coaching and Making the Sale, to name a few.

Today I do both. And I know it’s typical for facilitators to specialise and choose between technical and professional skills. But I don’t want to. And quite frankly, I refuse to. Please don’t make me choose! I love the variety in my schedule that the mix brings and I wouldn’t want to lose any of my knowledge base due to lack of practice. You know what they say – use it or lose it.

Whether technical or professional skills, I bring my brand – energy, passion and enthusiasm to every session. I don’t believe in “dry” content that can’t be brought to life. I remain convinced that learning can be made engaging, colourful and even fun. And I’ve made it my life’s mission to make that true.

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